Wuthering Heights

Little story about a step up the old career path.

Alexander Kryszkiewicz

11/20/20231 min read

The church of Steadicam - St Michael's Church, Haworth - opposite the family home of Emily Bronte.

It's a slow and steady road...

This past three years since the pandemic lockdowns eased off have been a rollercoaster. While I've been working my way up the Operator ladder from micro-budget music promos and shorts, towards long-form work; I've been lucky to have been offered some days on bigger jobs too. Sink-or-swim stuff. Luckily I've lived to tell the tale and enjoy the challenges completed. One highlight was pickups on Studio Canal's The Railway Children Return. There was no Steadicam in principal photography, with DP Kit Fraser, but a few shots were added in additional photography. Lensed by Stuart Graham for Morgan Matthews, it was a big honour and a lot of fun to contribute with an amazing crew. Big thanks to Producer Jamie Harvey for the opportunity to run backwards through a buckled graveyard, rigged with over £100k of equipment (as safely as could be).

With a few little ramps here and there.